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The My Journey Hampshire Journey Planner has been designed to help you get about Hampshire quickly and efficiently. Use it to get directions, timetable information and compare journeys by foot, cycle, driving and public transport.

The planner has been optimised for use on smart phones and tablets as well as PCs and Macs. It will work with Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers and Internet Explorer version 8 and above although the latest IE10 is better.

Note that if you have an Android phone it must running version 3 or higher.

Select your Start and End Points

There are two ways to plan your journey; type in an address, or right click on the map to select a start or end point.

When using the text boxes enter as much detail as possible and select the correct address from the list. Alternatively just right click on the map. You can also move the 'pin' at any time and your journey will be automatically updated.

TOP TIP! – PC users – did you know you can scroll up and down the journey details or zoom in and out of the map just by using the wheel on your mouse?

You can reverse the start and end points by pressing the button.

Now select your departure or arrival time and add a return journey if required. The planner will show public transport services up to three weeks in advance.


You can only enter a start and end point by typing in the text boxes.

Use the and buttons to switch between map and journey details view.

Use the button to centre the map on your current location.

Transport Modes

By default the planner will show you all means of reaching your destination, but you can unselect ones that you don’t need by clicking on the appropriate button. This will also speed up route calculation.

Viewing the Results

The planner will provide you with one walking, cycling or driving route and up to three public transport itineraries depending on your selections. Click on the summary bars to view detailed directions.

In the detailed directions, press to view a particular journey leg on the map. Press to see public transport live departure information at that point:

TOP TIP! – you can go back and select a different result or change the journey start or end point by clicking on the Options or Plan tabs.


The journey planner will provide a route based on your choice:

• Balanced - The most practical for the average cyclist who wants to get there quick-ish, and is happy to dismount for short sections

• Quietest - Avoids busy roads where possible, more likely to require walking for some sections

• Fastest - More likely to use busier roads

It knows the Sustrans National Cycle Network (shown as NCN in the directions) and will avoid hills where possible.

The information is provided and updated by CycleStreets. Please contact them directly with any feedback on cycle routing.


The planner shows the quickest driving route and will prioritise main and trunk roads where possible. Expected journey times will vary depending on peak or off peak conditions.

The indicative journey costs take into account the capital cost of the vehicle, maintenance, insurance, tax and fuel. However don’t forget to add the cost of parking Why not split the cost by car sharing or leave the car at one of Hampshire’s Park & Ride and enjoy a stress free journey into the city?

Public Transport

The planner will show public transport journeys by both bus and train if selected. The information is sourced directly from Traveline. If you believe any information is incorrect please let them know via their contact form.

Real time departure information is provided by NextBuses and National Rail Enquiries.

Printing out a Journey

If you need a printed summary of your journey press on the coloured title bar and follow the instructions.

About the Journey Planner and Mapping

The interactive map and walking, cycling and driving routes use data from OpenStreetMap. This is the ‘Wikipedia’ of maps that can be edited and updated by anyone. If you see something on the map that looks incorrect or is missing you can edit it yourself by signing up and getting involved. Note that it may take a couple of months for new map data to be included in the planner results.